Arabic newspapers publish unknown details on the axe murder of Limburg, Germany

The culprit is a 34-year-old Tunisian. The son of a Tunisian guest worker family was born in Germany and went to school here. He was born with German citizenship. His name is here indicated with “Imad Amdouni”, (could also Emad Emadoni or Emadaouni depending on the vocalization عماد عمدوني). His family comes from the small Tunisian town “Bou Salem” (21.638 inhabitants) in the governorate of Jendouba. He is said to be addicted to drugs, violent and often found guilty of grievous bodily harm, not only against his wife but also against his own mother. The alleged perpetrator allegedly began to mistreat, beat and threaten his wife with death shortly after marriage. The 31st year old victim, his wife and the mother of the two children is (was) a Tunisian who came to Germany six years ago on a study visa. Her name is Muri (could be Mori, Mouri or Mawri, depending on the vocalization). The two must have married shortly after their arrival. Imad Karim thinks so: Maybe it was a prearranged plan concerning “visa studies”. –

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