Once again Muslim honour killings in German-speaking countries: A Turk murders mother and baby

On this Sunday, shortly before 9 a.m., the alleged perpetrator dialed the emergency number himself. He had murdered his family. A large number of police officers rushed to the reported address. There was a shocking picture. A 31-year-old man, who according to the newspaper “heute” is said to have a Turkish migrant background, had stabbed his wife and child. His second child survived, but is equally likely to have been seriously injured. The crime took place in a row house in the street Kalman-Gasse in Kottingbrunn, Lower Austria. There, the alleged perpetrator had murdered his 23-year-old wife and a toddler at the age of 2 with numerous stab wounds.The stab wounds and cuts were so severe that medical help was no longer possible. Apparently the family father wanted to suffocate the little son, who is only 11 months old. He survived the crime, but is said to have had severe respiratory problems.The 31-year-old Turkish-born was arrested on site by the police without any resistance. The background of the terrible honour killings is to be clarified within the next hours and days. The presumed perpetrator is to make a confession. 


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