Germany: An African on rails forces regional train to emergency stop

BPOL-KS: Mann auf Gleisen zwingt Regionalbahn zur Schnellbremsung
Man on tracks near Hettenhausen forces train to apply emergency stop; Picture Source: German Federal Police

A daredevil and life-threatening action by a 38-year-old African from Gersfeld ended unscathed the day before yesterday at noon.The man, an Eritrean asylum seeker, was standing on the tracks of the Fulda-Gersfeld (Rhön) railway line near Hettenhausen. When the driver of an approaching train spotted the person, he immediately applied an emergency brake and stopped just in front of the man. Fortunately, nobody was injured. The passengers on the train also got away with a shock.Officers of the Fulda federal police station took the man, who seemed somewhat disoriented, into custody. In addition, the Eritrean was obviously under the influence of alcohol. A breath alcohol test could not be carried out because of his state of health. The Federal Police instructed the man and then brought him out of the danger zone. Two subsequent trains were delayed by about half an hour due to the incident. The Federal Police Station Kassel has initiated criminal proceedings against the man on suspicion of a “dangerous interference with rail traffic”.

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