German soccer fans are not allowed to enter a Turkish soccer stadium because there are Christian symbols in the emblem of their soccer club.

Policemen with machine guns, water cannons at the roadside – Borussia Mönchengladbach  fans were horrified when they arrived at the Basaksehir stadium. Bad-tempered and aggressive, the policemen welcomed the 1400 soccer fans to the Europa League match in Istanbul.What happened at the entrance was regarded by many as pure harassment. Especially ridiculous: flags with the Mönchengladbach city coat of arms were not allowed at the stadium. It shows the Holy Vitus – forbidden because it is a Christian symbol, according to the police.On Friday even Mönchengladbach’s Lord Mayor Hans Wilhelm Reiners intervened. What happened was “unacceptable”. He demanded “that UEFA, as the organiser of the Euro League, should not accept this unchallenged and that the host club should also distance itself from such action”. Meanwhile, UEFA wants to await the official match report. Gladbach’s managing director, Stephan Schippers, was also extremely annoyed by the way they treated the German fans: “The behaviour towards our fans was unimaginably disrespectful.”His manager Max Eberl even used the term “police dictatorship”. “It saddens me that we have such conditions in Europe in 2019,” he said. “Our fans wanted to celebrate peacefully,” And then they are harassed right from the start, have to travel by bus and are not allowed to move to the stadium like normal people.”

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