Religious delusion: Muslim freaks out in Lenzing, Austria

Armed with a knife and the Koran, a “Russian” (21 years old) attacked a family and two uninvolved people in Lenzing, Austria. He allegedly had been under religious delusion and was arrested in his parents’ house after his escape. “I’ll kill everyone,” shouted the “Russian”, with knife and Koran in his hand, in front of the apartment of a Kosovar family. When the mother opened, she could barely get to safety, slamming the door in his face. The religious fanatic struck against it and yelled so loudly that the 37-year-old woman collapsed in fear. But the Muslim’s rampage had not ended. He also knocked down an acquaintance (24 years old) because he “looked badly upon  him” and threatened another witness with murder.The devout Muslim has been arrested.

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