Germany: Unimagined brutality by players with Arab migration background in German soccer stadiums

Shortly before the final whistle, the soccer match between two youth teams escalates. A guest player is injured – he has to go to hospital. The police also intervenes.Not for the first time the home team is negatively attracting attention. The outbreak of violence with a youth soccer match led to a ban of the TSV Burgdorf for several months. The C youth will be excluded until maximally March 21, 2020 from the matches, said a speaker of the Lower Saxony football federation (NfV) on Monday.This decision was made by a sports court on Sunday after a 13-year-old player was injured and admitted to hospital on Saturday. After the district class match against FC Lehrte, the police are investigating both clubs. “The team of the TSV Burgdorf is obviously completely out of control and has frightening and straight criminal violent potential”, it says in the preliminary injunction of the sports court.Chasing down players, kicking players lying on the ground and laying in wait by entire gangs on parking lots are not only unacceptable in soccer. The exclusion is necessary according to the sports court, since matches against the TSV cannot be demanded of anyone. The NfV spokesman said that the ban was valid for the time being until the end of the proceedings. It is “particularly tragic that a team with a migration background and refugees is responsible for these two abandoned matches”, the association stated in a statement.The players from Burgdorf had attacked the boy after a foul, the newspaper “Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung” quoted the chairman of FC Lehrte, Marcus Bartscht. According to police, several Burgdorf players hit the guest player and kicked him. About 20 spectators could then have mediated. “The 13-year-old is still in hospital for observation,” said a police spokesman. He and at least one of the attackers are Syrian citizens. Criminal proceedings for bodily injury are ongoing.

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