Germany: “Non-German” man threatens police officers, ” every German ” and job center employees with death

On Friday morning there was an incident on the street Marktstraße in Werlte. A police officer at the Werlte police station had noticed a 33-year-old man in his Opel Zafira car  shortly before 8 a.m. who was heading towards the main road. He stopped his car in the middle of the road so that it was not possible to drive past in either direction. Again and again he started slowly, only to stop again a few meters later.When the driver was asked by the police officer, who was patrolling alone that day, about his misconduct, the 33-year-old immediately began to insult him and threaten him with death. He denied the policeman the giving of his personal data and extended his threats with clear external effect on the complete police and every Germans. Even before the policeman was able to get reinforcements from Sögel, the 33-year-old left the scene of the crime in his car. Only a few minutes after the incident, the same man had attracted attention at the job center in Werlte, where he was similarly aggressive. There, too, it continued with insults and threats. According to police, the man is of non-German nationality.
Witnesses of the incidents are asked to contact the Sögel police by calling (05952)93450.

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