South Tyrol: Do gangs of foreigners make Bolzano rundown?

Parks and squares serve locals and guests as recreation areas and meeting places. According to the Freedom Party, more and more public spaces in the provincial capital of Bolzano are threatening to become increasingly neglected. Not only women, older people or parents with small children feel insecure in some of the city’s parks: vulgarities, gangs that camp, noisy music, addicts and various unhygienic waste are now commonplace.Not to mention the hygienic conditions,” says Pernter. One of these negative examples is the park at the so-called victory place. Although the neighbors had complained about the conditions several times to the municipal administration, the city administration had remained inactive. The disrespectful behavior of some immigrants towards passers-by and the buildings or facilities of the city is particularly to be condemned. Even religious symbols such as the cathedral of Bolzano are not spared: Recently a man of foreign origin and his child could be spotted playing football in the street Eisackstraße in front of the cathedral of Bolzano. The outer wall of the cathedral was used as a gate. This is a gross disrespect. Imagine that we in a Muslim country would use the outer wall of a mosque as a football goal,” Pernter said.

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