German aid worker for asylum seekers (73 years old) choked almost to death by an African asylum seeker

A 73-year-old German almost lost her life for good will. The woman was strangled, kicked and left lying helpless. Her tormentor is currently on trial. A 23-year-old man from Eritrea is tried in Aachen. She took him in, gave him a home. As a reward he is said to have almost killed her! The African lived with his brother at the home of a woman from Düren (73 years old). According to the public prosecutor’s office, he had asked her for money on May 8 of this year. She gave him no money…Thereupon he choked her according to accusation with a kind of scarf, kicked her brutally against the head and the chest. The migrant thought he had killed her, but left the old lady lying there. The fact that the woman was finally found before she almost died was, according to the prosecution, just sheer luck. The trial against the African will continue on Friday. Because of a mental illness the Eritrean could also have been not fully responsible and could only have been admitted to a clinic.

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