Germany: Afghan sexually abuses two underage girls

Police have been investigating in Pößneck on suspicion of a sexual offence since Friday. A 20-year-old man (Afghan) is suspected of having sex with them against the will of two minors. According to previous findings, the suspect and the two girls (German, 13 and 16 years old) were known to each other and stayed together in the 20-year-old’s apartment before the crime. There the two girls and the suspect consumed alcohol. As a result, the suspect carried out sexual acts on both girls against their will. The 16-year-old had left the apartment and then confided in a confidant. The 13-year-old had also fled the apartment later. Passers-by spotted the girl drunk on Friday evening in the downtown area of Pößneck and alerted the police. In the course of the investigation, the suspect was arrested and brought before the investigating judge at the Gera District Court at the weekend. Subsequently, an arrest warrant was issued against the 20-year-old. The accused was handed over to a juvenile prison. The Saalfeld Criminal Investigation Department is investigating the suspicion of serious sexual abuse of children.

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