Germany: Attempted rape by dark-skinned man

An unknown woman attempted to rape an 18-year-old woman in the street Libanonstrasse in Stuttgart last night on Tuesday.The woman was on her way home around 02:35 am when she noticed that a man was following her. In the area of  the street Wagenburgstraße, the stranger grabbed her at the hip and tried to push her onto a park bench. He touched her indecently on her upper body, tried to kiss her and open her trousers.The woman screamed for help and bit the man in the arm. When a witness who had become aware of the cries for help approached, the stranger fled. The witness alerted the police, but an immediately initiated search was unsuccessful. The man is described as follows: about 180 centimetres tall, about 30 years old, dark-skinned, with short, black, curly hair and dressed in a black sweater and black or dark blue trousers. Witnesses who can provide information on the facts of the case are requested to contact the officers of the criminal investigation department by calling +4971189905778.

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