Germany: Bitten, raped – has Ali A. attacked four women?

This rape series caused a stir in the Bavarian province of Allgäu during the pre-Christmas period: within three days four women were attacked, bitten and abused by a man in Egg an der Günz and Babenhausen. Since Friday, Ali A. (26 years old, asylum seeker from Eritrea) has had to answer to the Memmingen Regional Court for this. The attempt to make his view of things credible did not succeed … The prosecutor calls it “overwhelming evidence.” :

On December 3rd, Ali. A attacked a female walker, abusing her for 75 minutes on a meadow. He is said to have bitten her in the breast and inserted his finger. On December 5th, according to the prosecution, A. got drunk in a café, then attacked the waitress in the ladies’ toilet – she could just push him away.An hour later A. is said to have been on the lookout for women on his bicycle. Anke H. (name changed), who walked her dog, he is said to have pulled into her car; he accused her of taking off her bra and shoes, strangling the woman and biting her lower lip. When the offender tried to load his bicycle into the car, H. locked the door and tried to run away. A. is said to have jumped on the hood of her car, held on to the roof. He fell onto the road after a few meters.Another hour later, according to the prosecutor, the African dragged the next victim, Grit N., who just wanted to cut off Advent branches quickly, into a changing room, bit her in the cheek, threw her around in the headlock and strangled her until a witness intervened.He had punctures from a pair of scissors with which Grit N. had defended herself against the attacker.This revealed him.  After the arrest, DNA tests and fingerprints also revealed similarities.Ali A. himself denies any involvement in the crime. He calls himself a “water seller” who can neither read nor write and who wants to have come to Germany “because you can have a good life here”.

He had never been to Egg an der Günz, he had never hit anyone, A. claimed.To the third charge he stated: “I was on my bike, then the car came towards me, pushed me. I fell off the bike, my bag fell through the open window into the car.”Judge Christian Liebhart urged A.: “You don’t have to believe that we have to believe everything you say here.”

And the public prosecutor threatened with preventive detention if A. did not spare the women a statement. Nevertheless, A. insisted: “I could still spend 1000 years in prison, but I can only tell the truth”. He allegedly was afraid of women, so he could not chat with them at all.The husband of the first victim then heavily incriminated the accused: His wife had called him in distress and reported that she had been raped by an African while going for a walk.

In order to survive, she had behaved humbly, friendly, since any resistance had only made him more violent. The perpetrator had also told her his name as well: Ali.

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