France: “Allahu Akbar” Yeller rushes into elementary school and injures woman with knife

A 17-year-old injured a woman with a stabbing weapon in a primary school in Marseille. The “very agitated” teenager rushed into the school in the southern French port city on Friday and injured the canteen employee on her chest, the police said. Then he hit two more adults. According to the injured woman, he yelled “Allahu Akbar” (God is great). So far, however, the investigators do not assume a terrorist motive. The 17-year-old’s statements had been “confused” and he had entered the primary school with his naked upper body, explained the public prosecutor of Marseille, Xavier Tarabeux, after a visit to the scene of the crime. The attack took place around 6.30 am. It is therefore unclear whether the weapon was a knife or scissors. The mayor of Marseille, Jean-Claude Gaudin, spoke of an “extremely serious incident”. According to the prosecutor, the police are investigating the case. Anti-terror investigators were initially not involved. The primary school La Pauline east of the center remained closed because of the attack. Worried employees and parents gathered in front of the school. There were “more and more attacks”, said one employee of the city administration. “But we can’t have a police officer in front of every school gate.” On Monday, however, a police patrol will guard the safety of the pupils.

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