WATCH: Alien brawl near the Old Town Festival in Bolzano, South Tyrol

On Saturday there was a brawl very close to Walterplatz, where the Bolzano Old Town Festival is taking place these days. Two dark-skinned men were involved, as can be seen from video and photo shots. Every two years the clubs of Bolzano invite to the Old Town Festival at “König Laurin”.Nearby on Saturday there were fistfights between two foreigners. A video shows the savage scenes: One of the brawlers hits the other in the face, he falls to the ground. But the attacker does not let go of his victim and continues to attack the one lying on the ground with blows.

A third man, also a dark-skinned man, apparently intervenes. As a photo shows, one of the squabblers also tried to use a garbage can as a weapon. “City festival also for those who have arrived, whose otherness is an enrichment’ (quote from the new Minister of the Interior),” comments Ulli Mair, member of the Freedom Party’s state parliament, who published the pictures and the video on her Facebook page.

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