Germany: Policeman shoots attacking Afghan asylum seeker to death in self-defence

In Stade, an asylum seeker from Afghanistan known to the police was shot dead during a police mission.He had previously attacked the officers with an iron dumbbell bar. On Saturday around 8 p.m. the police had been called into an apartment building because of a loud quarrel. Since one of the troublemakers was a 20-year-old Afghan known to the police for other incidents, two patrol cars were sent out.The arriving officials were ” welcomed ” by the Afghan, who had clashed with his roommate, with a barbell made of iron. When the use of pepper spray had no effect either, an officer pulled out the weapon and fired. An emergency doctor was no longer able to do anything to aid the aggressive asylum seeker, who died of his injuries shortly afterwards, the tabloid Bild reports.The police officer is now under investigation for manslaughter. “We will pay special attention to whether the police officer acted in self-defence,” said a spokesman for the Stade public prosecutor’s office.

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