Germany: Greta’s #FridaysForFuture movement now with support of the Salafists

On August 8, the well-known Islamist Salafist Bernhard Falk, who calls himself Muntasir Bi-llah, published a video calling on Muslims to join the #FridaysForFuture movement. He is pleased that the movement is fighting against capitalism and the system, and he praises the large number of students who are also active during their holidays for #FFF. In the video above he calls on Muslims to support the #FridaysForFuture movement and advises Muslims shortly thereafter not to befriend the Kuffar.Falk is known to the police as a left-wing extremist terrorist and has spent 13 years in prison for attempted murder in four instances and explosives crimes. He has been living in Dortmund since his release in 2008 and is now known as Muntasir bi-llah in Salafist circles.

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