Germany: Kosovo Albanian kills two people in train station

Two people were murdered at the train station in Iserlohn ( North Rhine-Westphalia ) on Saturday afternoon using a kitchen knife. The two victims of these murders had a two-month-old baby with them that the perpetrator had overlooked.
A cruel bloody deed on Saturday afternoon killed two people at Iserlohn railway station: a  32-year-old Kosovo-Albanian woman and a 23-year-old Afghan man, both from Bergisch-Gladbach, were murdered. The two victims had a two-month-old girl in a pram with them who survived the crime – the perpetrator overlooked the toddler in his rampage.
The police assume the double murder was a family dispute. According to police, the 43-year-old Kosovo-Albanian perpetrator comes “also from Bergisch-Gladbach”, the Iserlohn police said in the evening, without providing any further information for “reasons of investigation”. The stabber lurked for his two victims at 2.20 p.m. and started his deadly attack near platform 2. 
While the woman was murdered in the multi-storey car park, the body of the male victim was lying on the platform of Platform 2 near the bicycle shed – completely shocked eyewitnesses from an arriving train were escorted by police from the scene.

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