Germany: And yet another attack by Arabic-speaking men on a Jew

Jan Aaron Hammel (54 years old) is a tall man. It takes some strength to push him to the ground. With his face and hips, he falls onto the sidewalk of Kaiser-Friedrich-Sreet near Stuttgarter Square.This happened on Tuesday around 4 pm, Hammel was on his way from the “Jewish Forum for Democracy and Against Anti-Semitism”. (JFDA). The journalist and computer scientist is a board member of the Forum – his area of expertise: interreligious dialogue.”I have heard male voices behind me,” he reports, “then the punch came in the back, suddenly, massively. I fell.When I stood up, the men had vanished.”Jan Aaron Hammel is an honorary rabbi and can be recognized by his dress as a Jew. He wears a suit, a hat and the prayer threads Ziziot. He says: “I don’t know if the perpetrators recognized me personally. Or if I was simply attacked as a Jew. They insulted me in Arabic language and then pushed me.”On Friday he was still at the hour of commemoration after Yehuda Teichtal (42 years old), Rabbi of the Jewish Chabad Community in Berlin, had been the victim of a similar attack. And again and again he is committed to dialogue: “Together with the Protestant pastor Reinhard Kees I was with Lichtenberg students in a Neukölln mosque, it was good, the students were very open-minded!His injuries were treated in the Martin Luther Hospital. Lala Süßkind, JFDA Chairman: “Anti-Semitic attacks are becoming more and more prevalent. Politics, police and justice must finally draw consequences and act decisively against it – enough is enough! The state security of the State Criminal Police Office has taken over the investigations.

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