Germany: The Afghan refugee Mohammed B. murdered an 87-year-old grandmother out of greed

Ursula P. (87 y.o) was popular, was regarded as a woman with a warm heart, and worked as a dishwasher until she was very old: simply to be among people. Did her good-naturedness become her doom? Her neighbour, Mohammad B. (23 y.o), to whom she repeatedly gave money, she is said to have killed her cruelly. Now the public prosecutor’s office in Gera has accused the Afghan of murder out of greed. The case shocked the people of Thuringia!
On January 11, relatives reported the old lady as missing. For two days there had been no sign of life from her. The police searched her house in Jena district of Winzerla and made a terrible discovery: Ursula P’s badly damaged body was lying in the cellar.
Cruel: There had been strong blows to the head, neck and torso, and stings were also detected. Less than twelve hours later, Mohammad B. was arrested.Public prosecutor Sven Schroth (34 y.o) told the tabloid BILD: “The accused had given up a transfer of 7000 euros to the bank, which was supposed to go from the victim’s account to his.”
So far there has been no confession. Schroth: “The man initially denied the accusation, but now he is silent.” But DNA traces have also been found that incriminate the Afghan.
It is still unclear when the trial will take place.

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