Germany: A hotbed for Salafists thanks to the ignorance of the authorities?

Salafism can grow particularly well where the authorities look away for years. This applies not only to the Salafist stronghold of North Rhine-Westphalia, but also to Rhineland-Palatinate, where, according to media reports, the Al-Nur daycare center in Mainz was closed in spring after a long legal dispute. Now there is a second serious suspected case. A mosque association looking after children from Mainz and Wiesbaden is said to have propagated Salafist messages on its Facebook page.According to information from AfD party Rhineland-Palatinate, the Islamic-Afghan Cultural Association, which runs the Masjid-al-Ikhlas Mosque in Mainz district of  Hechtsheim, promoted a lecture by Salafist preacher Amen Dali, who even appeared in the mosque.In addition, a board member of the association is said to have published posts by the Berlin Salafist Abul Baara on his private Facebook page.Joachim Paul, deputy chairman and education policy spokesman of the AfD parliamentary group in the Rhineland-Palatinate state parliament, said: “After the closure of the Al-Nur-Kita, there is now a renewed suspicion of Salafism in Mainz. That should give us food for thought. If radical Salafists look after children for years, the scene is obviously not sufficiently monitored. Often the process of radicalization begins in childhood. Such developments must be decisively counteracted. The Al-Nur case has shown where years of systematic ignoring of the authorities lead.”The case of the Al-Nur-Kita in downtown Mainz had caused a nationwide media response. The owner of the sole Muslim day care center in the state, the mosque association Arab Nil Rhein, was accused of representing the contents of the Muslim Brotherhood and of no longer being in accordance with the Basic Law.

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