New quality of migrant violence in Dortmund, Germany: Molotov cocktails thrown at people

On Monday, June 10th, a conflict in Dortmund may have escalated completely. 80 people of “different nationalities” attacked each other with great violence. Chair legs, wooden slats and tools were used. Finally, Molotov cocktails were also used. About 150 onlookers obstructed the deployment of the security forces. Most of those involved were able to escape.When the first emergency calls for police are received shortly after 2 p.m., hundreds of people arrive at the scene. In the area of Schleswiger Square in Dortmund’s northern part of the city, migrant groups brutally beat each other up. Despite the enormous police presence, only three suspects were arrested. The reason for this is said to have been about 150 onlookers who obstructed the police forces. The three alleged accomplices are Syrians aged 17, 17 and 20 years old. After their identity was established, they are at large.At the scene of the crime, the officers seized many dangerous objects and extinguished the burning Molotov cocktails. According to the German newspaper Die Welt, these were also thrown at other people. Whether these dangerous weapons were used to hit and injure people is not known. Police Commissioner Georg Lange points out that the “zero tolerance strategy” will be continued intensively. An investigation commission is to clarify the background of the incident.

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