Germany: Five Afghan asylum seekers made a schoolgirl helpless with drugs and then raped her

The accusations of the Augsburg Public Prosecutor’s Office are upsetting: Five Afghan refugees allegedly raped the German schoolgirl Sarah (15 years old, name changed) three times at different times! On Thursday, the first three asylum seekers had to answer before the Augsburg District Court, two of them were sentenced in the afternoon.It all seems to have started with a SMS from Davood E. (21 y.o) to Amir A. (18 y.o) on June 27, 2018: ” Get 10, 15 euros, then we buy alcohol and then  we fuck the Sarah.” According to public prosecutor Melanie Ostermaier, Amir A. put the plan into action on the 2nd of July: He let the other defendant Hamed S. (21 y.o) get him hashish, guided the minor to the asylum seeker’s shelter Proviantbach street and made her helpless with a joint.”Taking advantage of this situation, the accused A. then took off his underpants between 3.28 p.m. and 6 p.m. of the injured, pushed her dress up and had vaginal intercourse with her.”Amir A. and Hamed S. admitted these accusations on Thursday. After the crime Amir A. claims to have seated the girl in a tram. That same evening he claims to have received an SMS from the third defendant Davood E.: “I was with Sarah, we also had sex. You fucked the girl with narcotics, I without.”According to the prosecution, this act happened shortly before 7.30 p.m. in the vicinity of the refugee shelter, which is known as a drug trafficking centre. “The victim suffered pain in her lower abdomen, back pain and haematomas on her shoulder and neck.Passers-by found the schoolgirl unconscious in the Lechhausen district and brought her to the children’s clinic. To spare her a statement, Judge Angela Reuber urged the accused trio to make a confession on Thursday.But Davood E. did not want to accept it: “If everything was as Sarah claims, then she should say it here, too,” he raged. His trial was then separated.Amir A. was sentenced to two years and three months of juvenile sentence for rape and assault, and his accomplice Hamed S. was sentenced to one year and eight months on probation for rape and assault. In addition, both must each pay the victim 5000 euros and avoid contact with the girl.Two more Afghans (20 y.o) who are said to have abused Sarah in the winter of 2018 are still under investigation. Davood E. will also have to answer for possession of child pornography material at a later date.

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