Germany: Riots in the public open-air swimming pool – Around 100 migrants rioting

Last weekend, about 100 young people rioted at the Michaelibad open-air swimming pool in Munich. The daily BILD reported today that the police had to be called in five times. An eyewitness to the incident said: “There were about 100 kids. They didn’t even have bathing clothes with them, they had only gathered to make a riot.Last Friday, the lifeguard feared a mass brawl. Last Friday, the lifeguard feared a mass brawl. A witness speaks of a “pack” that made threats like “I’m gonna stab him”. The police estimate that about 50 young people, mainly from Neuperlach with a migration background, came to the open-air swimming pool.A police spokesman: “There was an aggressive mood, there were also physical assaults.” Ten police patrols approached. “We’re investigating assault and battery and trespass. Next weekend we will show more presence in front of the open-air swimming pools.” One of the triggers of the incidents is likely to be the free-of-charge decree issued by Mayor Dieter Reiter ( Social Democratic Party, SPD) according to which young people under the age of 18 have free admission to public swimming pools.

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