Syrian mob of refugees brutally beats up Germans

Mass brawl between Syrians and Germans Sunday night in front of a McDonald’s fast food restaurant in Zwickau. The sad result: two seriously injured and four lightly injured. “My employees were disturbed by the enormous brutality,” restaurant operator Marcus Klink (39) told newspaper BILD.This Sunday morning at about 2.50 a.m., a dispute between immigrants and Germans escalated. “At first there was a verbal dispute, whereupon the foreigners, mostly Syrians, attacked the Germans,” a police spokesman explained.Marcus Klink, who runs five McDonalds restaurants in the region: “My employees saw how a German and a non-German first argued in the restaurant.” Then suddenly there were fisticuffs between the two. According to witnesses, the brawl moved outside. In the process, the window of the entrance door broke. A total of up to 20 people are said to have been involved in the brawl, some of whom had piled up before the police arrived.According to the police, there were “only” eleven participants; four Syrians were temporarily arrested and are still being interrogated. According to initial information, weapons were not used.

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