Major police operation in Schnaitsee, Germany: asylum seekers throw chairs and stones at guests of a restaurant

In the night from last Friday to Saturday, there was a clash between several people in a restaurant, which resulted in a major police operation. Two men now have to answer for resistance against police officers for dangerous bodily harm, insult and damage to property. One of the two suspects also had to be admitted to a psychiatric clinic.Three rioting asylum seekers were reported in a Schnaitsee pub on Friday evening, around 11:15 p.m., via the emergency call to the police station. While a total of seven police patrols were arriving, the incident moved from the restaurant to the open air. There, the suspects threw various objects, including stones and a chair, at the remaining guests, injuring four people easily. When the police patrols arrived, the three men were already in a side street. On the way there, they had obviously smashed the side window of a parked car and damaged the door of a resident’s apartment.When the 19-year-old drunken main aggressor was detained for the time being, he began to put up considerable resistance, spitting at the police officers and repeatedly stepping on the driver’s door of the police car. After the further behaviour could not rule out a self-endangerment, he was admitted to a psychiatric clinic. While a 21-year-old of the two other suspects could be released again after the report had been made, a 30-year-old had to be taken into custody until Saturday morning due to his alcoholisation.

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