Saxon Sharia police forbids grilling of sucking pig – afterwards there was a knife attack by Muslims on two participants of the barbecue party

At a barbecue organised by the Pro Chemnitz citizens’ movement, the police forbade the participants to barbecue a whole suckling pig out of concern for Islamists. This is the result of a report in the left-leaning newspaper Leipziger Volkszeitung, which never hesitates to defame the citizens’ initiative as right-wing extremist. After the barbecue, which was organised as a protest against the “interreligious Eid festival”, participants were attacked by two Syrians and attacked with a knife. 
The Chemnitz police wrote about the worst encroachment on freedom of expression and freedom of movement since the end of the GDR era:
“At 2.30 pm a rally continued under the motto “Schwein gehabt – Pro Chemnitz” at the Red Tower in the downtown area. According to the authorities, about 100 people took part. At 3.30 p.m. the restrictions regarding the prohibition of grilling whole animals or animal heads were enforced after this had been determined by the police. The meeting was closed at 5.15 pm.”
The citizens’ movement wrote on their Facebook page: “The barbecue is about to start at the Red Tower and we strictly follow the instructions: no whole animals (the piglet has neither legs nor tail) and no single pig’s heads we put on display.”
But the Saxon Sharia police showed no mercy to the advocates of old barbecue traditions. The suckling pig depicted had to be dismantled beyond recognition before the eyes of the ” law enforcement officers ” submitted to the Sharia law. The gratitude for the tireless efforts in favour of infiltrated conquerors was not long in coming. On the same day two members of pro Chemnitz were attacked by Syrian fighters in the downtown area and attacked with a knife.
Pro Chemnitz writes about the course of the cowardly attack:
“PRO CHEMNITZ comrades-in-arms were attacked with knives by asylum seekers after today’s protest. Thank God the police arrived quickly and were able to prevent worse things. There is one slightly injured on the side of PRO CHEMNITZ and two arrested asylum seekers. The police are investigating double attempted manslaughter!

One thought on “Saxon Sharia police forbids grilling of sucking pig – afterwards there was a knife attack by Muslims on two participants of the barbecue party

  1. There is no place in a civilized society for Islam. It is a cancer on the earth that should be removed.


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