300 year old high altar in catholic church vandalised in Bad Dürrheim, Germany

An unknown perpetrator set fire to the high altar in the Catholic church of St. Johann in Bad Dürrheim  on Wednesday. A visitor to the church discovered the fire in time and thus prevented something worse from happening on the wooden altar, which is around 300 years old. The visitor entered the church around 6.40 p.m. and was surprised that all the candles were lit and at the same time noticed the smell of fire. During the inspection the woman noticed a flower pot on the altar, which was set on fire with a candle. The fire had already spread to the wooden plate of the altar. Quick-wittedly the woman put out the fire with holy water.The amount of the damage has not yet been quantified. The Villingen criminal investigation department has taken over the investigation and is looking for witnesses. Who made suspicious observations on Wednesday between 5 p.m. and 6.40 p.m.? The Villingen Criminal Investigation Department will take clues by calling 07721 601-0. 


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