“Islamophobes”, my ass: a Tunisian responsible for attack on mosque in Dresden, Germany

Those who were already in anticipation of whether Islamophobes, racists and right-wing extremists were at work here again, were suddenly disappointed yesterday: a 30-year-old Tunisian asylum seeker was responsible for the attack on a mosque in Dresden’s Cotta district the day before yesterday.The man had thrown stones at a deserted mosque at that time. Several windows were broken. Shortly after the crime, he moved on foot to the street Alte Meißene Landstraße and also threw several stones at a kebab snack bar there. As the Saxon State Criminal Police Office announced yesterday, the police were able to identify and arrest the suspect on the basis of the personal descriptions of witnesses and photographic material.He is accused of disturbing the practice of religion and damaging property. The man currently lives in a Dresden asylum-seekers’ accommodation. According to the Police Terrorism and Extremism Defense Centre (PTAZ), which is included in the investigations, a political background has so far been ruled out.The mosque concerned in Dresden district Cotta had already hit the headlines two years ago because of an explosive attack. However, there is no connection to the current case.As the newspaper “Dresdner Neuesten Nachrichten” reports, “…the identity of the 30-year-old, the documents he was carrying with him and his current residence status” are also the subject of the investigation, which suggests the suspicion that the Tunisian perpetrator of Wednesday obviously tricked the authorities with regard to his residence and asylum status. Unfortunately, the case should not be suitable for the prevalence of alleged Islamophobic attacks in crime statistics, which is often highlighted.  


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