Weapons, drugs and stolen property in South Tyrolean refugee accommodations

Asylum shelters in South Tyrol made the headlines due to drug trafficking, violence and other incidents. On the 15th of April a house search was carried out by the security forces in the refugee accommodation Josefsheim in Bruneck, where about 40 asylum seekers are accommodated. In view of the tense security situation, Ulli Mair, member of the State Parliament, informed herself about the potential danger posed by such shelters. According to the responsible state councillor, several unannounced inspections were carried out at the shelters. In about half of the cases, drugs and stolen goods (mobile phones, bicycles) were seized. “In addition to drugs and stolen property, the seizure of knives that could have been used as weapons shows that there are considerable security problems in the asylum shelters”, Mair points out, “the rape of a schoolgirl in Bolzano and the assault on a woman in Schlanders have revealed the urgent need for action on asylum and immigration policy. The left-wing policy in the state has for years swept the security problem of foreign origin under the carpet of cultural enrichment,” criticises Mair. “With the illegal mass immigration under the guise of the right of asylum, crime, violence and assaults were imported into South Tyrol. In addition, there are the rejected asylum seekers, who struggle their way through life out of illegality with criminal machinations,” says Mair.”We in the Freedom Party therefore reiterate our demand that foreigners – including asylum seekers – who are guilty of a crime should be expelled and deported immediately or lose their protection status. In view of the grotesque security situation in South Tyrol, action must finally be taken,” said Ulli Mair.


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