Germany: Rioting Turk harasses women

A 47-year-old man destroyed the showcase of a travel agency in the “Von-Stephan-Street” in Meschede on the night of Sunday. Afterwards he quarreled with two women and touched them indecently. He also showed himself to the police to be aggressive and unreasonable. The officers locked the man in custody. Witnesses saw the drunken perpetrator around 01.30 am destroying the showcase and informed the police.When the officials arrived, the man from Turkey was standing in the vicinity of the crime scene, arguing with two 28- and 24-year-old women. The man ignored the instructions of the police and became increasingly aggressive. After insulting and threatening the officers, he was handcuffed. He was then taken to Meschede police custody for sobering up. The two women from Meschede stated that the man living in Wuppertal had touched them indecently during the argument. Criminal proceedings were initiated against the man.

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