Germany: Turk stabs man

Yesterday evening at 6.30 p.m. in Einstein street in Neubrandenburg there was a physical confrontation between a 31-year-old Turk and a 39-year-old native in the area of the Norma supermarket. Both the 31-year-old man of Turkish descent and the 39-year-old German suffered several cuts and stab wounds. Both were treated in the hospital. The elderly had to undergo emergency surgery in the evening. According to current knowledge, however, he is now out of danger. The cause of the crime is not yet known. Motive, background as well as the course of events still have to be determined. Yesterday, the officers of the Neubrandenburg Criminal Investigation Department began investigating the crime scene, securing traces and questioning the first possible witnesses. The Neubrandenburg Criminal Investigation Department and the Neubrandenburg Public Prosecutor’s Office have taken over further investigations. However, the police officers are now also looking for other witnesses who may have observed the crime or may have provided other relevant information. Such witnesses are requested to contact the police by calling 0395 55822223.

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