Germany: Presumably Muslim mother attacks her son’s female teacher

Because the boy did not agree with the actions of his teacher, he immediately called his mother for help. The mother and her companion attacked the female teacher not only verbally.On Wednesday, during a lesson at 11 am, the female teacher (24 y.o) had an argument with a pupil (12 y.o). The latter refused to carry out his tasks and to listen to the teacher. Instead he called his mother (41 y.o) with his mobile phone. She came to school immediately afterwards, attacked the young woman first verbally, then physically. A so far unknown male companion of the mother finally slapped the victim. The teacher suffered slight injuries during the attacks.Later, the boy’s mother went to the Weiden police station to report an alleged assault by the teacher against the 12-year-old boy.She allegedly grabbed the boy firmly and injured him.The presumably Muslim aggressors receive support from local Muslims. A certain Abdul Hasan notes in a reader’s commentary: “I know the mother and that’s why I have to put in one’s two cents. In the past, there had been complaints from other parents against the 24-year-old female teacher. Among other things because of fisticuffs towards pupils. In not one single report was it stated that the teacher had previously grabbed this particular pupil firmly in the neck. In any case, one is not slapped in the face for no reason.”

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