Germany: Two Africans carried 431,845 euros, 10 tablets and 140 mobile phones in their luggage

Last Sunday, the 26th of  May 2019, customs officers checked a German coach at the Kreuzlingen motorway border crossing. This was on its way from Fulda  in Germany to Milan in Italy.There were two men from Gambia in the bus who said they were travelling alone. When the customs officers took a closer look at their luggage, it turned out that both men were carrying large amounts of cash in their suitcases in envelopes as well as around 140 mobile phones and 10 tablets. A team from the “Joint Operational Service Group Lake Constance” consisting of the Swiss Federal Customs Administration and the German Federal Police – was called in for the on-site investigations. The joint team ensured rapid access to the national search database in Germany. Many of the mobile phones were reported stolen.The two persons and their luggage were then handed over to the Thurgau Cantonal Police for further investigation. The exact money count finally resulted in a total sum of 431,845 euros.
The public prosecutor’s office in Kreuzlingen has initiated a criminal investigation for serious money laundering.

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