African asylum seeker tried to drag 12-year-old girl into a lavatory on train — Merkel’s police released him nevertheless

A group of pupils travelled on Wednesday between 3.21pm and 3.45pm on the Regional Express train 4160 from Frankfurt to Marburg. A 12-year-old girl from the Marburg area sat on a bench in the area of a toilet. Shortly before the station in Friedberg, a man came out of the train toilet, grabbed the girl’s sweater and tried to pull her into the toilet. A classmate detained the 12-year-old and called for help, causing the man to release the girl and withdraw to the toilet. He could be arrested later. The man is 34 years old and has Nigerian citizenship. He lives in an accommodation for asylum seekers in the district of Marburg-Biedenkopf. He was under the influence of alcohol with more than 2.3 per mille. Since there were no grounds for his arrest, he was released after the police measures. The investigations are continuing.

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