Germany: African rioters of Regensburg gain understanding among leftists and mainstream media

The riots during the rescue of a woman’s body in a so-called “refugee reception centre” near Regensburg have exactly the opposite effect that some normal-thinking people might have hoped for. Instead of calling the rioters to account or immediately deporting them to their predominantly Muslim homelands, more and more voices are blaming even the police and the refugee reception centre per se for the unprovoked escalation of violence against the police and rescue forces.”It is still unclear whether the residents of the refugee shelter will be punished for their attacks on the police officers,” writes the weekly Focus, and reveals obvious sympathy for the aggressor in the headline “Large-scale police deployment: after riots in asylum shelters, criticism of refugee reception centre is growing”.According to police spokeswoman Sandra Mallmann, the police had recorded the police operation and now evaluated the pictures together with the public prosecutor’s office. “According to the police, the incident in the refugee center is not a deliberate escalation. Rather, after the death of the woman, a group dynamic among the angry residents had developed.” reports the weekly Focus further.Then the “refugee centers” become condemned. “Again and again there are conflicts between residents and police forces in the politically controversial accommodations”. This is followed by the realisation that in those centres refugees are accommodated for longer periods of time who, in the opinion of the authorities, have little chance of asylum. A way to abolish the  centres would therefore be a consistent deportation. Even more secure borders. But the article wants to go further.Dennis Forster from the board of directors of “Campus Asyl” in Regensburg now has his say. He believes that this “type of accommodation in large, often barrack-like homes” is the reason for aggression among the residents. “Whatever happened there and how it may have come about: Part of the explanation for me is also the high level of frustration and the potential for conflict that the concept of an refugee centre entails,” he told the newspaper Mittelbayerische Zeitung, adding: “Because deportations can occur here at any time, the residents are exposed to great psychological stress. In plain language: The deporting policemen are to blame.  As expected, the mayor of Regensburg, Gertrud Maltz-Schwarzfischer ( Social Democrats ), also expresses herself similarly.A shy objection comes from the Christian Social Union (CSU). In a statement, Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann condemned the attacks on the police officers: “It is understandable to a certain extent that a sudden death in the facility can stir up the mood among the residents. However, it is absolutely unacceptable for residents to use violence against the emergency services. It was therefore important for the police to quickly get a grip on the situation with strong forces.”

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