The rigged anti-Semitism statistics of the German Interior Minister

The number of anti-Semitic incidents in Germany has increased at a alarming rate. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer ( Christian Social Union ) and head of the Federal Criminal Police Office Holger Münch have just presented the statistics on politically motivated crime. According to the statistics, there were 1,799 anti-Semitic crimes last year – an increase of almost 20 percent over the previous year (1,504), including anti-Semitic graffiti or damage, threats against Jews, and violent assaults. Anti-Semitism is shameful for the whole country. In the statistics, 90 percent of the crimes are politically attributed to “right-wing” or right-wing extremist perpetrators. Seehofer called this “an important statement” on Tuesday.But here he fishes in the murky waters. Most of the perpetrators are anonymous and never caught. How do you know whether a swastika smearing or an insult against Jews comes from right-wing German perpetrators? The police simply “suspect” this. Seehofer stuttered at the press conference that one could not simply blame the majority of the crimes on ” unknowns “:Otherwise there would be the accusation that one “would not do anything against those of right-wing opinion”.A recent parliamentary inquiry by the Free Democratic Party (FDP) in Berlin revealed that a large proportion of the anti-Semitic crimes committed there – 120 out of 253 cases – were classified as “right-wing” in the statistics, even though the perpetrators’ motives are not known. Already two years ago, the Independent Expert Circle on Anti-Semitism complained that there might be “a distorted statistic to the Right” that did not correspond to the truth.A broad survey among Jews, recently published by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, probably comes closer to reality. When asked about the perpetrators in Germany, 41 per cent of those affected by an anti-Semitic incident said that in their view the perpetrators were extremist Muslims, 20 per cent saw right-wing extremists as perpetrators and 16 per cent saw left-wing extremists as perpetrators. According to the estimates of those affected, the majority of perpetrators were Muslims. According to a study conducted by Dr. Julia Bernstein on behalf of the Independent Expert Group on Anti-Semitism, as many as 80 percent of those who were physically attacked stated that the perpetrators had a suspected Muslim background.

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