Susanna’s presumed murderer: he liked about Germany that one could get money without working, that one could have sex without having to fear vengeance, and that one could drink alcohol and deal in drugs

The journalist of the newspaper WELT Gisela Friedrichsen reports once again on the trial of the alleged murderer Ali Bashars Ahmad Z., who allegedly raped and then killed 14-year-old Susanna in May last year. He had “screwed up”, Ali Basar is said to have apologized for, according to Gisela Friedrichsen in her WELT reportage. “He complains that he now has too few cigarettes, too few television programs, and no vacation. He had only killed one girl, all girls in Wiesbaden were “sluts”. Before the trial, an expert asked him what he liked about Germany.He replied that one could get money without working, that one could have sex without having to fear vengeance, and that one could drink alcohol and deal in drugs. There are worlds colliding”, Friedrichsen notes.In order to get to the young inexperienced girls, Ali Bashars Ahmad Z. sent his then thirteen-year-old brother Hadji, called Keysi, to ” trap girls “. He seemed to be harmless and sweet to us and was able to attract the teenagers. Once the confidence had been established, Ali B. appeared on the scene, always looking for “virgins”, apparently always armed with a knife and ready to use violence.Susanna had sought proximity to Hadji, apparently grateful to be allowed to belong to the clique of young refugees who met daily in the city centre of Wiesbaden and “hung out” there. The shy and sexually inexperienced 14-year-old Susanna had stayed away from Ali B. – he had been scary and too old for her, according to the newspaper WELT. The other girls of the clique, who are now being heard as witnesses in the trial, are supposed to be “apparently traditionally educated girls who are overwhelmed with their freedom”, who have no hobbies other than “hanging out” and would bear almost all foreign names.  
According to Friedrichsen, “mothers with headscarves whose language skills do not match those of their daughters” remain in the courtroom for support.The public prosecutor’s office believes that Ali B. is said to have announced his crime: he will not leave Susanna alone until he finally gets her, according to the indictment. If she refuses, he will kill her.
On May 23, Susanna died after a five-hour martyrdom. Ali B. has to answer in another trial for the rape of an eleven-year-old girl. 


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