Germany: Wildly waving Algerians stop on passing intercity express (ICE) train (maximum speed of 300 km/h) — They wanted a lift!

In a “curious and forbidden way” – so the trivialization of the mainstream press – “two men” have stopped a passing Intercity express train ( maximum speed of 300 km/h ) at the station Fronhausen in the district Marburg-Biedenkopf.The two Algerians wanted to ride along.According to the federal police, the two Algerians had drawn attention to themselves with wild, waving gestures on the platform around 2 a.m. on Monday morning. The driver of the train, who was on an empty run, stopped thereupon. When the two 18- and 26-year-olds wanted to board, the locomotive driver refused and instead informed the federal police.During the interrogation that followed, the two of them told the officers that they had overslept the exit on the way back from Frankfurt. After the officers had recorded the personal details of the two and drawn their attention to their misconduct, the men were released again. The Federal Police Inspectorate in Kassel has initiated administrative offence proceedings against both of them.

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