Germany: Guests of a “Turkish wedding party” threaten policemen

The ” style of driving ” of a 24-year-old Turk from Oer-Erkenschwick triggered a major police operation on Saturday afternoon. A patrol car crew noticed a driver around 4.40 p.m. who was driving in a circle at the Holtgarde/Karl street intersection, driving through the street with spinning tires, honking his horn and massively obstructing traffic with so-called ” doughnuts “. While the police stopped the car and checked the driver, some 30 members of a Turkish wedding party, to which the Turk belonged, came along. Due to the increasingly violent behaviour, the police decided to call for reinforcements. After the arrival of the reinforcements, the present members of the wedding society calmed down again. The police found such serious defects in the car of the 25-year-old man from Oer Erkenschwick, that the 24-year-old was forbidden to continue his journey and the car was secured. In addition, they filed a complaint against the driver.

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