Muslim doctor only wants to team up with men: Accusations against Minden hospital, Germany

Two employees of the Johannes Wesling Clinic Minden accuse the clinic management of gender discrimination. The accusations are directed against a doctor who refuses to work with women in the operating theatre. According to the employees, his request is implemented in the duty roster so that the physician is supported exclusively by men during operations. The accusations are serious: “I have seen several times how the doctor has expelled me and other surgical assistants from the operating theatre because he doesn’t want to work with women,” explains an employee who doesn’t want to mention her name publicly for fear of reprisals. According to the employee, the doctor has only been working in Minden for a few years and comes from the Middle East. “The doctor’s behaviour is discriminatory, which is why we do not understand that the clinic management tolerates his actions and that his wishes are even implemented in an adapted duty schedule.According to the employee, complaints by those affected are not taken seriously by superiors. “Instead, we are accused of deliberately opposing the physician, even though the clinic is urgently dependent on foreign physicians. This accusation particularly concerns the employee. “Our criticism is not directed against his origin, but against his behavior. Instead of sanctioning the doctor for his discriminatory actions, those affected are now being accused of discrimination.According to the employee, the behaviour of the doctor irritates the entire team and puts a strain on the working atmosphere. “The women in the team in particular no longer feel taken seriously.” The accusations are confirmed by another employee, who also works as a surgical assistant in the Minden Clinic and also witnessed how colleagues had to leave the operating theatre.

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