Muslim riots over pork on German children’s ward – he is acquitted despite many previous convictions

This trial was pretty weird! Because a little boy (8) did not want to eat his Christmas goose, his father (36) was now in court.
What happened?
On Christmas Day 2018, the son of industrial worker Ilker Y. was hospitalised in the children’s ward of the Diakonie hospital in Bad Kreuznach (Rhineland-Palatinate). They had Christmas goose for lunch. But the eight-year-old did not want it. His father refused an alternative menu (pork) for religious reasons.

The disaster took its course.
Because the nurse had to take care of another chronically ill child after serving food, the boy remained hungry. His father went berserk, shouted at the nurses and called one of them a “Nazi”.
Nurse Berna D.: “It got louder and louder, so I locked myself in the ward room with a colleague and a doctor out of fear.” Patients and visitors panicked.
When the police arrived, Ilker Y. stormed towards the officers with his fists raised, according to the newspaper “Rhein-Zeitung”. They tried to calm him down, and a new argument broke out.

The father refused to leave the clinic, so the police officers forcibly pushed him into a lift and took him away from the clinic premises.
Nurse Berna D. told the newspaper BILD am SONNTAG: “Later his wife came and said: ‘You always see each other twice. Then we were really scared! After work we always went to our cars as a group.”
Ilker Y. was charged with resisting law enforcement officers and was sentenced to a fine of 5,000 euros at the local court. He appeals.
On Friday, the surprise came at the Bad Kreuznach district court: The judge dropped the case because of minor culpability! Y. has several previous convictions, including insulting behaviour, bodily harm and driving without a licence.

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