Islamic education in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia: Islamists and Turkish influence agents pull the strings

The infiltration of the public school and education system in North Rhine-Westphalia by Islamist influence agents controlled from abroad is becoming more and more dramatic: after it became known that the Düsseldorf state government had also appointed the mosque association Ditib, controlled by the Turkish Erdogan regime, and a successor/cover organisation of the banned “Millî Görüş” to the advisory board on state-run Islamic education, further suspect networks are becoming known.

The newspaper “Welt” reports of a “hot line from the Islamic association Ditib to the Ministry of Education” – in person of an influential advisor to the Ministry of Education, Ahmet Ünalan, a political scientist at the University of Duisburg-Essen, who is an expert on Islamic religious education. He was heavily involved in the inclusion of Ditib in the state’s lesson planning, which is now causing nationwide outrage.

After all, the Federal Prosecutor General’s Office was already investigating several Ditib imams for alleged espionage for the Turkish secret service, and, according to the “Welt”, there have been frequent cases of Ditib congregations spreading war propaganda and anti-Semitism. This is precisely why Ditib had to vacate its position on the advisory board, the predecessor of the new commission, in 2017. Now, however, due to an officially “new statute” of Ditib and the self-sacrificing lobbying of Ünalan, among others, it has been reinstated – by the FDP-led Ministry of Schools and Education.

Ünalan vehemently denies having a leading function in Ditib, but his connection to the Erdogan-run association is beyond question: according to the register of associations, the Institute for Turkish-European Relations, which he was one of the founders of, operates at the same address as the Ditib mosque in the Wahmeimerort district of Duisburg – and he maintains close contacts to the Turkish government, whether to the religious authority Dyanet or to the AKP lobby organisation UETD, is unclear.

20,000 pupils are currently attending Islamic lessons in Germany’s most populous federal state, and the number is growing every year; all the more ambitious, therefore, are the attempts of the Turkish regime in Ankara to gain influence over the German and foreign Turks as the largest group of Muslims living here and thus to establish a “fifth column” in the Federal Republic – with far-reaching Islamisation aspirations for the future. It is a disgrace how naïvely the state government watches this goings-on and willingly tolerates it.

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