Muslim youth want to sue university professor because of his Islam map for Austria – He is under police protection because of death threats

The Muslim Youth Austria wants to file a complaint against the “Islam Map” promoted by Integration Minister Susanne Raab. The initiator of the map, Professor Ednan Aslan at the University of Vienna, says he is now under police protection because of threats.

On Thursday, the “Documentation Centre for Political Islam” launched a map of Muslim organisations and religious communities in Austria, including several in North Tyrol. More than 600 such organisations were listed.

“This criminalisation of Muslim life must be stopped as soon as possible and the Islam map taken offline,” the Muslim Youth demanded in a statement. It criticised the violation of personal and data protection rights of institutions and private individuals. According to a spokesperson, the exact steps to be taken are currently being examined by the organisation’s lawyer.

The initiator of the map, the Viennese professor of Islamic religious education, Ednan Aslan, considers his action to be legally correct. “The experts who advised me see no problem in this because I can justify for what scientific purposes I am using this data,” Aslan defended the publication of the addresses. He also points out that the addresses used are also publicly accessible in the register of associations.

He also reported being under police protection after threats in the wake of the map presentation. He said he had dealt with many threats before, but the recent attacks were very disturbing.

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