WATCH: Despite Corona protection measures, hundreds of Arabs celebrate a wild party in Dresden’s Neustadt district: police are just watching!

At the weekend, hundreds of Arabs partied in Dresden’s Neustadt district – the police did not intervene. The same police officers who beat up pensioners and families, who report every mask violation and break up peaceful walks, cower when the target is not the indigenous population of Saxony but “new citizens”. There is no better way to express how great the contempt for one’s own people is.

And while politics is outdoing itself in the outrage following the victory party of the Dynamo Dresden football club – which was peaceful until the police escalation – there is not a single word to be heard about the Arab party in the Neustadt district. The topic is probably politically incorrect. At the next opportunity, they would rather warn against conspiracy theorists, contrarians, right-wing extremists, reichsbürgern or the like. What is meant here is the ordinary citizen.

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