Germany: High-ranking Afd politician raided for criticising refugee-smuggling captain Claudia Rakete on Facebook

An inconceivable new climax of repression occurred today at the home of Björn Höcke, the popular AfD politician. His house in Eichsfeld was searched by the public prosecutor’s office. The reason for this is a preliminary investigation for “incitement of the people”. Höcke is said to have posted a picture of Carola Rackete and added the text “I imported torture, sexual violence, human trafficking and murder”.
The public prosecutor’s office considered the politician’s expression of opinion a criminal act and lifted his immunity. The reasoning seems particularly absurd, according to which the raid was carried out to find out whether Höcke personally had posted the post.The fact that this raid took place on the day of the election campaign kick-off clearly shows that this action is harassment. Neither should Höcke’s statement be a crime in a democratic state, nor should his immunity be lifted because of this political expression.Moreover, even this alleged offence does not justify a raid.

The hypocrisy is once again topped by the magazine FOCUS, which writes: “Disgrace for the AfD: Björn Höcke is supposed to start election campaign – but he does not come”. Because Höcke could not take part in an event due to a repressive act, he is accused of having “chickened out”. So much shamelessness leaves one speechless!

Many AfD politicians, such as Roger Beckkamp and Nils Hartwig, have already expressed their solidarity on Twitter.

The AfD Thuringia commented on the incident on Twitter: “

“The house search of the leader of the strongest opposition faction in the @ThuerLandtag because of an FB post obviously protected by the fundamental right of freedom of opinion is another low point of the abuse of justice against supposedly insubordinate political opinions. Our solidarity at this moment is not only with Björn Höcke, but especially with his family, for whom the unlawful invasion of privacy was extremely stressful.We will support all legal and political measures to establish how far the prosecution has strayed from the ground of the constitution with this serious invasion of the family’s privacy.”

According to the AfD, no items were seized during the raid.

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