Swedish grocery store welcomes Muslim customers with pork chop

A Swedish multicultural food store has landed itself in hot water. In an attempt to present itself as open to Muslims, they chose to wish believers “Happy Ramadan!” on a flyer. The only problem was that the advertisement was adorned with meat in the form of a Swedish pork chop. “We hope that those who have taken it badly can be generous and forgiving,” the store repented.

The curious picture was noticed by liberal opinion leader Joel Halldorf at Swedish daily Expressen. He is also an associate professor of church history and Halldorf was upset when he saw the picture, because it offends Muslims.

“Happy Ramadan with a pork chop… This is the level of religious illiteracy in this country”, wrote Halldorf and posted the picture.

Several Swedish liberals commented on the picture in the thread, and were convinced that it was fake. “I retweeted you, but on second thought: this CANNOT be true,” wrote Anders Lindberg at another daily Aftonbladet.

“Was it a fake image or a true advertisement? Absolutely incredibly crass in that case,” commented Helle Klein on Dagens Arbete.

After a day of intensive work to find out if the picture was genuine or a joke, incredulous leftists had to come to terms with reality: The picture of the pork chop was not fake.

“The mystery of the Ramadan chop has been solved: the picture was genuine, a misprint from the store that took it down and apologized. Stress plus a dose of religious illiteracy feels like a reasonable explanation,” tweeted Halldorf, and attached a response from the store in which they acknowledge their faux pas.

“Unfortunately, it was a misprint and we apologize so much to those who took it badly. The sign has been taken down and we have taken measures to prevent it from happening again,” wrote an employee at the store.

On the store’s Facebook page it also apologized in a long post to everyone who had taken offence. “The food store distances itself from all forms of discrimination. We hope that those who have taken it badly can be generous and forgiving.”

In the comments section, previously upset Muslims expressed gratitude. “Great full”[misspelling of grateful], writes Mohammad. “Best,” writes Talip and gets a heart back from the store.

According to the Quran, pork is considered “haram”, forbidden food, just as for Jews. Ramadan takes place between April 12 and May 12.


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