German politicians demand prison sentences for perpetrators who burn Israeli flags

Will there soon be real consequences for open hatred against Jews in Germany?

Alexander Dobrindt, head of the Christian Social Union (CSU) parliamentary group, is calling for a tough stance: he is calling for prison sentences for anti-Semitic offences!

This is simply a matter of applying existing laws consistently, Dobrindt explained. For the burning of flags is punishable by up to two years in prison. “This range of punishment must be used to make it unmistakably clear: Hatred of Jews and anti-Semitism have no place in Germany,” Dobrindt told the newspaper BILD.

Dobrindt told BILD: “The hatred against Jews and against Israel, as shown in Münster, Bonn or Gelsenkirchen, is frightening and shameful. Anyone who chants anti-Semitic slogans or burns the Israeli flag must be subjected to the maximum severity of the constitutional state and punished with imprisonment.”

There is plenty of reason for his demand these days. On Thursday, during an anti-Semitic hate march in front of a synagogue in Gelsenkirchen, demonstrators had collectively shouted “Shit Jews” and other slogans – the security forces present did not stop them.

The fear is that similar events could happen again this weekend – or take on even worse consequences. Because Israel-haters are planning marches in many cities in Germany.

On the anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel, pro-Palestinian groups want to celebrate the counter-anniversary under the name “Nakba” Day. Demonstrations have been announced for Saturday in various German cities (including Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Freiburg).

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