WATCH: “Child Murderer Israel”, “Shit Jews” – Muslims are already rehearsing for a progrom in front of the synagogue in Gelsenkirchen, Germany

In the media yesterday we read headlines about the event in front of the synagogue in Gelsenkirchen such as ” Protest against Israel in the city centre” or “Spontaneous demonstration pro Palestine”. In the linguistic jargon of the mainstream media, there was almost constant talk of “anti-Israeli slogans”. What really happened is shown by a video that appeared on Youtube today.

For our journalists, of course, this has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. After all, this only comes from those who are politically positioned to the right-wing of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), the Left Party (Linkspartei) and the Greens. Moreover, someone could still get the idea that integration has failed if members of the religion of peace are associated with hatred of Jews:

It was a spontaneous gathering, they say. So the police can be forgiven for not being immediately present with sufficient forces. However, at no time did they make an effort to stop the march or at least to pick out individuals in order to record their personal details.

After all, dozens of offences from the area of so-called hate crime were committed here. Tomorrow is Nakba Day. The day after tomorrow at the latest, Palestinians and other Muslims in Germany will traditionally take to the streets. If the police in Germany are not better prepared, we will see very unpleasant scenes compared to slogans during the march on a synagogue!

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