Greta Thunberg shares anti-Israel propaganda – German public broadcaster ARD downplays Hamas terror

Less than 24 hours after the German leader of the FFF movement, Luisa Neubauer, had posed as a moral authority on the topic of anti-Semitism on Anne Will TV show, her Fridays for Future friend Greta Thunberg caused a furore. On Twitter, she shared a tweet by BDS activist Naomi Klein, whose statements in the past have themselves been classified as anti-Semitic by newspapers such as Taz and Zeit. In the tweet, Klein accuses Israel of “war crimes”.

Israeli cities were under rocket fire from the radical Islamic terror group Hamas for hours yesterday, only the “Iron Dome” missile defence system was able to prevent disaster – this goes unmentioned by Klein, who uses the hashtag “#GazaUnderAttack” and attaches a video from the anti-Israel Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU). The video shows heavy rioting in East Jerusalem between Palestinians and Israeli security forces.

Knowingly or unknowingly, Greta Thunberg has spread the anti-Israel propaganda of an anti-Semitic author. So far, one waits in vain for Luisa Neubauer to distance herself from her statement. Let me remind you of Neubauer’s words on Anne Will TV show on Sunday: “You legitimise racist, anti-Semitic, identitarian and science-denying content”, “Yes, please confront it!”, “You should know that”, “He spreads the content, and that has also been proven, many times”, “And you should be informed about that”.

Meanwhile, this is the situation in the Israeli city of Ashkelon, with 140,000 inhabitants:

Even the public broadcaster ARD, whose host Anne Will desperately tried to back up Neubauer’s statements on Sunday, does a poor job of journalism. The information – Israel retaliated with air strikes against Hamas positions after hours of rocket terror – is summarised by ARD with the sentence “Israel and Gaza are firing at each other”. In the text accompanying this, the casualty figures of the “Ministry of Health in Gaza” controlled by the Hamas government are not questioned.

Meanwhile, in the Israeli parliament, a ceremony commemorating the liberation from National Socialism had to be cancelled and the MPs evacuated because of Hamas rocket terror.

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