Germany: Antifa attacks shop for Israeli delicacies – A connection with the Muslim riots in Jerusalem can be assumed

On Saturday night, there was an attack with the use of paint on the residential and business premises of Franz Laslo, a member of the AfD faction in the local council, in the street Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße in Schorndorf, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. In a self-incrimination statement by the so-called “Antifa”, left-wing extremists claimed responsibility for the anti-Semitic attack on the Jewish-oriental shop, councillor Lars Heise reported on Facebook.

Several Christmas tree balls filled with red paint hit the façade of the building where Franz Laslo has been running his Jewish-Oriental shop “BeitShalom” for many years. Among other things, there are many excellent products from Israel for sale there. Laslo is a member of the AfD and a friend of Israel, having spent many years there.

“Since open anti-Semitism is now rarely openly shown to the outside world, even in left-wing circles, they hide behind so-called “criticism of Israel”,” wrote Lars Heise. “However, the fact that Jewish shops and institutions are targeted has not changed with regard to left-wing extremists.”

For Franz Laslo, this is not the first attack on his premises. In its coverage of the latest attack, the Waiblingen newspaper publisher (ZVW) also outlines the other nefarious acts that have already hit the shop in Schorndorf’s old town. In 2017, several shots were fired at the shop’s window. Only a year later, there was another shop window attack with a heavy hammer. Shortly afterwards, Laslo complained of a verbal assault, as a result of which he was also spat at. However, the alleged perpetrator of the spitting attack was acquitted.

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